Tracy Parciak is from Wright City, MO where she is the Owner and Operator of RottiEwe Farm.  Tracy began training stock dogs more than twenty years ago and herding has become her lifelong passion.  Tracy works with all herding breeds at all levels and in all venues and has extensive experience with Rottweilers, Australian Shepherds, German Shepherds, Bouviers, Shelties, Corgis, Belgian Tervurens, Berger Picards and others.  She enjoys her experiences as an AKC, AHBA, Judge and competitor. 


Tracy has had the good fortune to accumulate many Championships and High In Trial awards at local trials, out of state trials, and many National Specialties including: The American Rottweiler Club, German Shepherd Club of America, United States Australian Shepherd Association, Berger Picard Club of America, Cardigan Corgi Club of America, and Border Collie Society of America.  Tracy has achieved many titles in many venues and are too numerous to mention here.  However, some of the most memorable are:  AKC’s 2nd Dual Champion German Shepherd in the breed history, AKC’s 7th Rottweiler Herding Champion and 3rd Dual Champion Rottweiler, Ava her Rottweiler Bitch who obtained a triple Herding Championship AKC 13th Rottweiler Herding Champion, AHBA Championship (HTCH) and ASCA Championship (WTCH).


Tracy likes to develop a dog’s natural ability and herding instincts.  She is very accomplished in her methods because of her experience to be able to read a dog and predict or anticipate what action the dog is going to take.  This experience enables her to train the dog and teach the handler to effectively direct correct action or intervene to correct the wrong action.  Tracy’s approach is quiet and calm giving the dog the opportunity to make the right decisions.  Tracy is very proud of her students and their many accomplishments.  She enjoys continuously developing both the dogs and handler’s skill.  She looks forward to a continued journey with each and every trainee, to judging trials and to encouraging others to enjoy the herding passion.  To Tracy it is a way of life.